5 morning habits that will make your day ultra-productive!

It may sound odd, but the morning habits tend to shape your day. If we neglect to plan what’s ahead, chaos is what we will get.

The beginning of the day does impact the rest of it. Not only on a functional level, but on a psychological one as well. There is something very powerful about the things you think about at the very beginning.

The positive psychology tricks and the planning will have you leap out of the bed on the right foot. This is what’s important:

  • Make your bed

It’s simple, yet effective. Making your bed in the morning reinforces the act of organizing, calms you, and gets the half-asleep brain in order. Thus, it provides less stress and more focus.

  • Hydrate

The cells have been working for several hours without water, which means a glass of water in the morning will do your GI tract a lot of good and prepare it for the work that’s coming. Don’t forget to drink water regularly throughout the day as well.

  • Plan your day

A small plan can go a long way in terms of helping you move calmly during the day. Putting it in your phone and on the paper will take away the stress of remembering. Even if the tasks are small, the plan will keep you on track and you’ll be able to organize your time better. Don’t forget to prioritize the big things.

  • Play music you love

The positive, energizing tunes will put you in a great mood! Play whatever makes you happy before you leave the house. Also, commuting is way less stressful when great music is on.

  • Move

Make some time to get yourself in motion if you want to feel better and more energized. Walking the dog, gentle stretching or going to CrossFit will do the trick. Exercising will boost your metabolism and the benefits are amazing. It’s a win-win.

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