A 70-year-old woman that looks 30 reveals her anti-aging secrets!

Hippocrates once said “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” and this is exactly what Anette Larkins is doing. Diabetes runs in her family and her grandmother, mother, and great aunts died of cancer. It seems like the cards are stacked against her so she decided to live a healthy life.

Fountain of Youth

Being a vegan, the only ingredients in her diet are the organic fruit and vegetables she grows. Outside her garden, she eats herbs, leafy greens, berries, and bananas. Generally, she eats only raw foods, especially lettuces, wheat grass, and cucumbers. Due to this she is in perfect health and her skin is smooth at glowing at the age of 72.

She waters her plants with rainwater she collects and refers to her garden as “The Fountain of Youth”. Larkins has published, booklets, a DVD, and a book because she wanted to share her story. Additionally, she has appeared on many television talk shows.

Avoiding common toxins found in processed food by eating raw food

Many people have avoided and overcome diseases by being on a raw vegan diet. Refined sugars, trans fat, genetically-modified organisms, and chemicals can all be found in processed foods. You can avoid and prevent constipation, obesity, allergies, asthma and lots of others conditions by eating raw foods.

It doesn’t have to be strict

You don’t have to eat everything raw, of course, cooked carrots contain beta-carotene and vitamin A as well as the raw ones. All you need to to is make sure you get all the nutrients and vitamins that are good for you and you can find them in nuts, beats and various seeds. A strict, raw diet may not be considered the best for everyone, however it brings a lot of benefits. Some studies show that a raw diet that includes fermented dairy and eggs is just as beneficial.


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