Bentonite clay mask the key to successful hair-care!

Taking care of your hair and making sure that you cause minimal damage when drying it and styling it everyday is a priority to many women. Having a bad hair day can be very frustrating because it has a huge impact on your appearance.

Our appearance speaks volumes about our personality and unique style and your hairstyle plays a huge role in this. Knowing this, many women take special care of their hair and are constantly looking for tips on what natural products can make it shine.

We use hair-products as shampoos, conditioners, colorants, and sprays to prevent hair damage which is usually the result of various factors, such as dryness and pollution.

Numerous hair-products are available on the market, but there are also plenty of natural remedies that can do the trick. All of these products have  one ingredient in common and that is bentonite clay.

This specific type of clay is formed from volcanic ash which has aged over time and changed its texture due to the presence of water.

Bentonite clay is in fact a smooth and odorless powder, rich in minerals and nutrients. It is used to treat damaged hair, dry scalp, dull-looking and fizzy hair, and it is also used to clarify your hair. This soft powder is negatively charged in its form.

However, when activated by liquid it attracts toxins and impurities. Due to this property, bentonite clay is helpful in drawing out excess oil and dirt from the scalp, which therefor makes it effective in reducing dandruff, scalp sores and similar issues.

Another amazing effect of bentonite clay is its ability to absorb 10 to 15 times its own weight in water.

The bentonite clay mask is easy to make and all you need are two or three simple ingredients. In this recipe we’ll be using apple cinder vinegar because it helps balance out the acidity of your hair and in turn makes it shiny and betters its overall health.

How to make bentonite clay cleansing mask


  • 1 ½ cup of water
  • 1 cup bentonite clay
  • ½ cup apple cinder vinegar

Among the things you’ll need to prepare this mask are a non-metal spoon and a non-metal container.


Start by pouring the cup of bentonite clay in the non-metal container, then add in the needed amount of water. Take the non-metal spoon and mix until you get a pasty-like consistency and if needed add a bit more water to the mix. Next, add the unfiltered apple cinder vinegar and mix again. And there you go, the mask is ready for use.

How to use the bentonite clay mask

  1. Firstly, before you go on to applying the mask you must wash your hair to remove accumulated dirt and oil from your scalp.
  2. Next, apply the bentonite clay mask but do so while your hair is still dump. We recommend you start from your roots and using the tips of your finger make your way to the tips of your head.
  3. Put on a shower-cap and leave on the mask for 20 minutes. Be careful not to let it sit for too long on your hair because it will be difficult to remove.
  4. Rinse your hair using warm water and make sure all of the clay is washed off.
  5. We recommend you apply some conditioner after.
  6. We suggest you do not use a hair-dryer, instead let your hair air-dry naturally.
  7. This mask may be used once or twice a month.

Additional tips

  • Depending on the length of your hair, you can change the quantity of the ingredients used in this recipe.
  • You may be wondering why we put the emphasis on using a non-metal container and spoon specifically. This is simply because any type of metal will surely contaminate the clay and consequently lower its effectiveness.
  • Moreover, we advise you use only a wood, plastic or glass spoon or bowl.
  • In addition to the apple cinder vinegar you can use honey, Aloe Vera juice, olive oil or a few drops of essential oil of your choice to improve the quality of the bentonite clay mask.


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