What is Black Lemonade, how it works and its benefits!

On a summer day, nothing is better than a cold, refreshing glass of lemonade . The drink also comes in a variety of flavors for the lemonade connoisseur, like raspberry, strawberry, and even lemonade aloe vera for the adventurous!

But the wackiest and most unique lemonade recipe of all of them could be black lemonade, an ink – dark taking on the summer drink. As you might have guessed, the color of the lemonade is pitch – black. That may sound a bit crazy, but don’t worry, it’s delicious and healthy as well! The recipe, in fact, is much like ordinary yellow lemonade. The drink just gets from an unusual one its dramatic signature color. But the drink is totally safe, mix-in.

Green juice are certainly healthy but what about the black lemonade? Well, it seems that black is the new black as many brands incorporate activated products. The good thing about black lemonade is that it is a combination of two, very popular detoxifying ingredients – lemon and activated charcoal.

The benefits of activated charcoal

Activated charcoal is the name given to a specific type of charcoal — not the same type that you would use to grill some burgers. It is a pure form of food grade, made from materials such as wood or coconut shells at an extremely high heat. Special processing creates a particularly porous charcoal, and in combination with the substance carrying negative electrical charge, these pores are very good at picking up foreign matter in the body.

Activated charcoal is pure – not the type you would use to grill burgers. In medicine, it is commonly given to patients who ingested toxins or poisons as this ingredient removes harmful bacterial from the digestive system without damaging the good bacteria. The fact that it detoxifies the body add numerous carry-on benefits such as clearer skin, more energy, and better organ function.

The benefits of lemon

Simply sniffing a fresh lemon can lift your mood and boost your energy, which means lemons are quite helpful when you’re feeling sick, sluggish, or want to get rid of the hangover feeling quickly. Lemons also support liver function, boost digestion, and have a detoxifying effect on the body.

What’s even better about lemons is they can help you shed the extra pounds in more than one way. Additionally, they can keep your skin young and fresh thanks to the high content of vitamin C.

How to make charcoal lemonade

Many do choose to buy a ready-made charcoal lemonade, but the good news is you can also make it at home.


  • 4 cups of filtered water
  • 2 tbsp of maple syrup or agave nectar
  • 2 organic lemons
  • 1 tsp of activated charcoal


Roll the lemons back and forth firmly on the countertop, then cut them in half and squeeze the juice out of them. Pour the juice into a bottle. Add the agave nectar or the maple syrup in the lemon juice  and stir well. Then, add the activated charcoal and pour water. Shake to combine everything well.

If you can’t finish the lemonade in the next couple of hours, keep it in the fridge so it can stay fresh.

Warnings about charcoal lemonade

Activated charcoal absorbs unwanted toxins, but it also does this with other substances like prescribed medications. Make sure you consult a health professional before taking it.

Drink the black lemonade away from other foods- it can absorb nutrients from healthy food.

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Black lemonade is a refreshing drink from activated charcoal, which gets its black color. Activated charcoal has many health benefits including: prevention of hangovers, teeth whitening, anti – aging, & body removal of toxins. It works by bonding toxins that are executed by elimination from the body.

When taking activated charcoal, it is important to drink enough water. Some of you might ask, “Why not just take the capsule in a drink instead of mixing it? ‘

I’m just doing this so i know that consuming enough water in my system to circulate the charcoal well enough.

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