A cardiac diet which guarantees the loss of those extra pounds!

One of the most important aspects of these type of diet is consuming heart-healthy foods such as vegetables, fruits and meals rich with Omega3-fatty acids and fiber.

By following the cardiac diet you can lose up to 10 pound during the course of just a few days, which is a dream come true for many of you out there. However, the first step we are going to make in this article is introduce you to the foods the cardiac diet includes.

What can you eat?

Soluble fiber

Fiber is mostly known for its ability to improve digestion, but a thing most people do not know is that fiber is also helpful in lowering cholesterol levels. Another reason due to which soluble fiber is a part of this heart-healthy diet is because it successfully lowers blood sugar levels.

Foods which are rich in fiber are:

  • Beans
  • Berries
  • Oats
  • Ground flaxseed

Omega-3 fatty acids

What makes omega-3 fatty acids so amazing is the fact that they are very helpful in reducing blood pressure and triglyceride levels. Fatty fish are most rich in omega-3, however these fatty acids can be also found in some seeds and nuts.

Other foods you should consume to provide your system with omega-3 fatty acids are:

  • Hemp and chia seeds
  • Sardines, tuna and salmon
  • Walnuts and ground flaxseeds
  • Herring

Fruits and vegetables

Not only do fruits and vegetables make sure your body functions efficiently by providing it with nutrients, they also have some amazing properties as reducing inflammation.

Every fruit or vegetable that you consume, makes your body healthier and more productive, but know that you should avoid eating both vegetables and fruits with sugar and salt.

We advise to include different types of vegetables every day and try to eat non-starchy representatives as potatoes. Other healthy options that boost your metabolism are mushrooms, onions and cauliflower.

Foods to avoid

Keeping your heath healthy and reducing cholesterol are a key factor of this diet, therefore omitting foods which are made of saturated fats and trans-fats, and foods filled with a high amount of salt and sugar is a must.


Avoiding sugar nowadays almost seems impossible because an enormous number of foods we consume are rich in sugar. therefore, the only acceptable and advisable option is to try reducing the amount of sugar you consume and slowly bring it to a bare minimum. This means the first thing to do is to start avoiding fruit drinks and soft drinks, candy, cookies, ice cream and any other foods with added sweeteners.

Trans fats

It is recommended to fully avoid trans fats, which means instantly omitting donuts, packaged cakes and cookies. Moreover, to completely cut off trans fats from your diet, reduce the intake of red meat to twice a week and trade fried foods for roasted.


Too much salt is definitely harmful to your body because it leads to an increase in sodium levels which further leads to an increase in blood pressure levels.

Common foods we consume that are rich in sodium are: sweets as cakes and cookies, cereal and sauces.

Cardiac heart-healthy diet

Not only will this diet help you lose a lot of pounds in no time, it will also help you control your blood pressure and high cholesterol.

The cardiac diet was designed for people who needed to lose those extra pounds quickly and efficiently. This diet plan will help you both lose weight and at the same time detoxify your body.

Moreover, drinking at least 9-10 cups of water during the day while you are following this diet plan is highly recommendable and important to remember. Drinking coffee or tea is also allowed, but it must be milk and dairy-free.

Diet plan

Day 1


  • A slice of dry toast
  • One teaspoon of peanut butter
  • A cup of tea of black coffee


  • One oz of cheddar cheese or a slice of dry toast (free choice)
  • Half a cup of tuna
  • Black coffee/tea (which ever you prefer)


  • Grape fruit or a small apple
  • One cup of carrots
  • One string beans
  • One cup of vanilla ice cream
  • 3 oz of any lean meat

Day 2


  • Half a banana
  • One egg
  • A slice of dry toast
  • Coffee or tea


  • Half a cup of tuna of a cup of cottage cheese
  • 5 saltine crackers only
  • Tea or coffee


  • One cup of vanilla ice cream
  • A cup of broccoli
  • Half a banana
  • Half a cup of carrots

Day 3


  • 5 saltine crackers
  • One small apple
  • An ounce of cheddar cheese
  • Either back coffee or tea


  • One slice of dry toast
  • Half a cup of tuna
  • A cup of melon
  • One cup vanilla ice cream

We must mention that during the days you are following the cardiac diet exercising should be put to a bare minimum or avoided entirely.



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