Detoxify and improve your skin with this charcoal face mask .

Not long ago, charcoal masks have witnessed their pic and instantly became very popular and widely used. This is due to their amazing effects such as detoxifying the skin and at the same time giving it a brighter and more vibrant appearance.

Moreover, you may be familiar with charcoal as an ingredient used to whiten teeth, but as it turns out it is very beneficial for the skin too. It has proven itself to be great at exfoliating the skin, detoxifying and clearing up clogged pores, which are things we all look for when buying a skincare product.

Furthermore, not only is this charcoal face mask simple and easy to make, it will also soften your skin and change its appeal for the better. Read on bellow to learn more about the mask and how to make it at home.

How to make the charcoal mask?

If you are not in a position to afford to buy one of those expensive brands, you can always go with the cheaper but just as efficient option of making a given beauty product at home. Luckily, this face mask has only a few ingredients and it fairly easy to prepare, so it takes both little time and effort.

Raw honey

Raw honey is a widely used ingredient due to it having antibacterial properties, soothing burns and of course we cannot forget to mention that it is a natural sweetener for desserts. It makes a great ingredient for a mask because due to its antibacterial effect it helps get rid of problems as acne and blemishes and it softens and overall sooths the skin.

Activated Charcoal

Charcoal is the key ingredient to this recipe, it is heavily used especially if internal poisoning is suspected due to its toxin-absorbing abilities. When incorporated into a beauty product such as in this mask, it purifies the skin and absorbs all the harmful toxins from it.

Bentonite clay

When combined with water and mixed into a mask, bentonite clay successfully cleans the skin and removes impurities that may cause damage. It comes from aged volcanic ash sediment and it works by attracting and imprisoning the skin’s toxins and later resolving the body from them. Moreover, it can have a drying effect and due to this reason raw honey is introduced to this recipe.

Essential oils

A variety of essential oils are used in numerous homemade recipes because of the amazing benefits they bring. Lavender and tea tree essential oils are a chosen to be a part of this recipe owing to their purifying effects.

Lavender is a great essential oil and it is usually recommended and used to nourshur and protect the skin and ensure its overall health. On the other hand, tea tree is well known for its antibacterial properties and normally used to treat skin issues as acne. However, though the concentration of the essential oils in this recipe is low, they still achieve the needed effect.

Charcoal face mask recipe

In addition, we present you with the needed natural ingredients and instructions that will help you prepare a wonderful detoxifying face mask which is suitable for every skin type.


  • 1 tbs activated charcoal powder
  • ½ tbs raw honey
  • 1 tbs bentonite clay
  • 2 tbs water
  • 1 drop of both lavender and tea tree oil


  • Start by adding the needed amount of water and essential oils into a small glass bowl
  • Then take the bentonite clay and sprinkle it over the mixture and let it sit (to absorb) for about 10-15 seconds before you go on to adding the other ingredients.
  • Next, take small rubber spatula and start mixing and mashing and do so for a couple of minutes until there are no visible lumps in the mixture.
  • Once done, apply the mask onto your face and let it sit to dry out for about 10 minutes.
  • Then wash it off using a gentle soap and warm water.

We must not forget to mention that due to this mask not containing any preservatives it cannot be stored, so when you decide on making it you will need to use it right away.

Additional tips

  • Using this mask and later using soap to remove it can cause dryness to certain skin types, so we advise you to apply a thin layer of pumpkin seed oil or sweet almond oil, if you feel that your skin needs it.
  • Light-colored fabrics and even your skin can be easily stained by the charcoal, therefore you must be careful and cautious when using it. Also, remember to clean your sink immediately after using the mask.


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