This DIY serum will make your eyelashes and eyebrows thicker in just 3 days!

This DIY serum is easy to make and will make your eyelashes and eyebrows fuller. After all, the eyebrows and eyelashes are an essential part when it comes to facial beauty. The eyebrow fashion may change from season to season, but fuller eyelashes have always been “in” and women have always wanted thick eyebrows.

A lot of products can make your eyebrows appear thicker and your eyelashes fuller, however, using them on a daily basis is not quite practical. Additionally, they contain a lot of chemical which means they can be harmful as well.

To get more permanent results, it’s best to try a natural way.


  • Vitamin E capsules
  • Aloe Vera
  • Castor Oil

The castor oil is a nourishing one that helps fight micro organisms and makes the eyelashes more voluminous. Aloe Vera is known to contain a lot of nutrients and promotes hair growth. Vitamin E is also a great way to promote hair growth when it comes to eyebrows and eyelashes.

Preparation method:

Add 1 teaspoon of Aloe Vera, 2 teaspoons of castor oil, and 2 vitamin E capsules in a bowl. Mix the ingredients and after that’s done, put the serum in a clean container.

How to use it:

Every night, before going to bed, apply the serum with an eyelash brush. In the morning, wash it off with water.


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