This is how eggshells can treat your cavities and Remineralize Your Teeth!!!

We all know it’s important for our oral health to visit our dentist at least once a year, but have you ever thought about brushing your teeth with eggshells?

Probably not, and I’m not going to blame you. If there are plenty of commercial toothpastes available that claim to transform our teeth into perfect pearly whites, but why would we want to use egg shells? Well, eggshells contain the perfect quantity of the ideal cavity healing substances (which regular toothpastes do not), and huge quantities of calcium and twenty seven other minerals. Pretty amazing huh? Thinking we’re throwing eggshells out, thinking they’re useless!

In addition, I’m talking about it based on my natural health enthusiast friend Anette’s personal experience. Anette has sensitive teeth and got a lot of cavities through a phase. For sensitive teeth, she tried natural fluoride toothpaste, and she tried with plain baking soda. – None of that stuff helped to stop her from getting cavities.

Then she started researching more information about remineralization of the tooth and found that she could reverse damage to the tooth through this process (also known as decalcification or demineralization). She discovered there was even a special diet for her teeth. But she felt like that kind of diet wouldn’t work for her with a family of fussy eaters and a lack of time and money.

Thanks by her research she found how to make remineralizing toothpaste using eggshells at home. She’s been using her homemade eggshell toothpaste for almost a year, and since then she hasn’t formed any more cavities! Also, she says her teeth feel much cleaner, with much less plaque building up, and she’s dentists was impressed with it.

Her friends noticed that now she has perfect white teeth and they asked for her amazing homemade toothpaste. When she said eggshells you can imagine their shock. In general, her gums and mouth also feel much healthier. All in all, now she feels much happier and more confident with more smiling and laughing.

Yes, eggshells can treat cavities that are giving you nightmares and they do it efficiently. Why? Well, eggshells are the powerhouse of calcium.

What Does An Egg Shell Contain?

The minerals that eggshells contain aid the cavity treatment.

  • Sodium
  • Magnesium
  • Phosphorous
  • Potassium
  • Sulphur
  • Iron
  • Silicon
  • Aluminium

How Do Eggshells Treat Cavities?

The answer is the right constituents. As previously mentioned, eggshells contain huge quantities of calcium which promises strong teeth. Additionally, they are composed of amino acids like cysteine, methionine, and lysine.

What’s The Procedure?

Boil the eggshells for about 5 minutes – this will kill any existing bacteria on them. Dry the shells and grind them until reduced to a powdered form.

Take 1/2 teaspoon of the powder per day. You can add it to any dish of your choice or to your favorite smoothie.

In What Ways Are Eggshells Similar To Teeth?

The similarity between teeth and eggshells can be divided into 2 branches:

– Effect Of Fluoride

When the tooth enamel is exposed to fluoride, part of the hydroxy groups are replaced with fluoride ions. This makes the enamel more resistant to acid erosion and less soluble.

– Effect Of Acid

When teeth lose minerals, they soften in the present of the acid and the exact same think happens to eggshells as well. When acid is added to the tooth enamel, calcium ions are released. Thus, de-mineralization of the tooth enamel can caused etching.

In What Other Ways Are Eggshells Beneficial?

Chicken eggshells are important for children as they need more calcium than the most of us. Additionally, these eggshells prevent ricket and anaemia in babies.

The science behind the toothpaste from eggshells.

Together with a group of physicians and biologists, Hungarian physician Krompeher began studying the healthy properties of eggshells first. It has been shown over ten years of research that eggshells are the  awesome and perfect source of bio available calcium. In fact, this entire revelation about eggshells is supported by a dental school in the Philippines, where a study was conducted, comparing different commercial toothpaste brands with their own compound eggshell toothpaste.

They discovered that the teeth cleaned with the eggshell toothpaste had less plaque and stronger enamel build up over time. This is because eggshells contain calcium and other trace minerals that are essential for healthy enamel, while also preventing cavities.


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