Forget dental implants – You can grow your own teeth in 9 weeks!!!

Dental implants are quite popular nowadays as they re quite useful when it comes to filling a gar in the mouth cavity in case of missing a tooth. However, dental experts discovered something that makes the dentures and dental implants obsolete.

The leading research at the University of Columbia, Dr. Jeremy Mao created a scaffold for teeth that contains stem cells. What’s even more impressive is that he made the new teeth from their own DNA.

The dental implants that are used today can cause numerous complications even though they can be quite useful. Some of these previously mentioned complications and issues linked to dental implants are the following:

  • They are quite expensive.
  • The body may reject the implant.
  • The implant can cause an infection and in this case, it has to be removed immediately.
  • The connection between the implant and the jawbone has to be almost perfect.
  • Your gums may get damaged, if the implants are handled by an inexperienced dentist.

Luckily, the new discovery will make growing your own teeth a possibility.

The first step to using this kind of technology is inserting a device than needs to be accepted by the body. The good side of it is that this device uses safe technology – your tooth is replaced with your own stem cells. Then, the tooth simply merges with the surrounding tissue. Furthermore, the regeneration and recovery process will be easy to handle and fast.

But until the medicine authorities approve it we won’t be available.

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