Which one is better fruit infused water or fruit juice?!?

Ever since we were kids, fruit juice has been presented to us as a healthy drink and just so there are no misunderstandings, it is recommendable to drink fruit juice because it is healthy indeed. However, if we compare fruit infused water and fruit juice, fruit juice will sadly take the second place.

We also must not forget to take into consideration the fact that store-bought fruit juice is not at all a healthy alternative. It is rich in sugar and this sugar is easily transformed into fat once it reaches your body, which is not a thing we wish for. Unfortunately, this applies also for homemade fruit juice, though the amount of sugar differs between the two, fresh fruit juice is also made of a lot of sugar.

Eating fresh fruits is highly recommendable but drinking fruit juice is not as healthy because you will be providing your body with an excessive amount of fructose sugar. This results in higher insulin levels, slower metabolism and it can even cause weight gain.

Due to such reasons, people have found a healthier alternative and started infusing their water with fruits. It is a good way to avoid overfilling your system with sugar and it brings various health benefits. This nutritional punch is getting lots of attention recently as it is found to help cleanse the body and lose weight and even improve your skin tone.

Furthermore, we give you a few reasons why you should prefer infused water over fruit juice.

Benefits of infused water

  1. Hydration is easier

Providing your body with a good amount of water throughout the day is very important because you are ensuring proper body function. Tough, both these drinks contribute to hydration, infused water is much easier. The difference between the two is the fact that with fruit juice you get hydration only once whereas with infused water, simply prepare a larger patch and you can hydrate your body during the whole day.

  1. An astonishing flavor

At first thought, you may assume that infused water and fruit juice have the same taste but you’d be wrong. While fruit juice tastes sweet and a bit plain when the watered-down, infused water has a fruity and amazingly tangy flavor even after some time has passed since the fruit infusion. Another thing that fruit juice fails to provide us with is healthy nutrients from its fruits. However, this is not the case with infused water because the fruit rinds can freely dissolve in the water and this is also what gives this beverage its specific flavor.

  1. It does not contain sugar

As we mentioned earlier in this article, fruit juice has a high concentration of sugar which is easily converted into fat once in our body. Even though fruit juice is made of natural sugar, by drinking just a glass of it you are providing your body with approximately a spoonful of fructose. This alone is enough to negatively affect your metabolism, increase your insulin levels and it may also contribute to weight gain.

Luckily, this is not the case with an infused water as the infused fruit only gives flavor to the water which means none of the sugars will be present in it.

  1. Fewer calories

Although fruit juice is indeed nutritious, it is also packed with plenty of calories.

On the other hand, unlike fruit juice infused water is rich in both vitamins and minerals and contains very little calories.

For example, to make one glass of orange juice you need 4 oranges which equal 240 calories, whereas to prepare infused water you need only 3 slices of orange meaning you will end up only 31 calories in your drink.

  1. It requires less fruit

Judging for the example above you surely get the idea that to prepare fruit juice you need at least 4-5 oranges while for the infused water you need just a few slices of fruit.

Furthermore, at times we all feel lazy and just do not want to do the hard work and prepare the fruit, use the juicer and then clean up the mess we made. On the other hand, preparing infused water is much simpler and easier, just fill the put the fruit slices into your glass or bottle and pour in the water and you are done.



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