Get Rid of Cellulite Naturally and Easy!

Cellulite is a problem almost all women struggle with. Teenagers, young adults and grown women no matter the age, we all feel the pressure of those lumpy lines on out thighs. This may come as a surprise, but cellulite is not only a problem for overweight women, thin women also have their fair share of it.

Usually when bikini season is near the women’s magazines and websites are full of complains, tips and products regarding cellulite, which proves that this is a problem that needs some more attention and if not a solution then a way to help reduce it.

This condition is mainly caused by the imbalance of connective tissue and fat in your body and some of the major factors that contribute to it are hormones, life-style, diet and genetics.

Get rid of cellulite (naturally)

Below we have listed some natural ways to deal with cellulite that may help you achieve the balance of connective tissue and fat and address the causers.


According to various reliable sources gelatin has proven to beneficial is many ways:

  • Helps with joint recovery and is overall good for your joints
  • Helps tighten loose skin
  • Is said to been helpful in treating cellulite
  • Binds to water and helps food move easily trough the digestive track, therefore it can improve digestion
  • Supports skin, hair and nail growth
  • Gelatin is a great source of dietary collagen. A fact worth knowing is that collagen is too big to be absorbed by your skin and this is the main reason the skin creams we use don’t work. It is best to get it internally.
  • Its protein structure is made of specific amino-acids that help build muscle

Many people have a deficiency of amino acids like proline and glycine which are commonly found in gelatin. These amino acids are found in the organs, bones and fibber tissues of animals that most of us don’t consume enough which is a big mistake because these acids ensure optimal immune function and weight regulation.

Coffee scrub

Coffee scrubs are very beneficial mostly because of the caffeine found in coffee which has a tightening effect while the massage and exfoliation stimulates blood and lymph flow.

For this scrub you’ll need:

  • 2-3 tablespoons of melted coconut oil
  • ¼ cup coffee grounds
  • 3 tablespoons white or brown sugar


Mix the ingredients all together to make a paste-like consistency and store it in a glass jar.

Massage for several minutes while applying firm pressure then rinse. Repeat this procedure two to three times a week and within a couple of weeks you’ll witness effect.

Dry brushing

There is no scientific support for dry brushing that guarantees success but word spreads around that it is proven to be helpful.

Be cautious not to brush hard because the skin needs to be stimulated not irritated or injured. Circular motions and back and forward brushing are not advisable, so only long sweeps and brush towards the heart. First, start with your feet and move upwards then brush from the arms towards the chest. When brushing your stomach, the brush should be moving in the opposite directions of the clock.

Also, when shopping for a brush choose one with natural, stiffed (not too hard) bristles and preferable a one with an attachable handle.

Among other benefits, brushing promotes cell-renewal, blood flow and tighter skin. Dry brushing is the cheapest and easiest option that promotes skin health.

Detox baths

It is believed that fat tissue and toxin build-up lead to cellulite and detox baths can help with these reduce these causers. Another reason to treat yourself to this type of bath is solely because detox baths are relaxing and good for your skin’s heath.

Omega 3’s

Consuming fat-soluble vitamins and Omeg-3 fatty acids, helps reduce cellulate in the long run and if you give it time you will witness the effect yourself. Anyway, omega 3’s are good for your overall health and should be regularly consumed by everyone, even those who are not experiencing this type of problems.

Balance hormones

It is widely agreed on that hormones play a major role in the cellulite formation and that balancing them will help reduce cellulite and even if it is not so balancing hormones is something you should definitely try.

Moisturize naturally

Detox baths may help you get rid of toxins, but this is no good if you are regularly using commercial beauty products and filling in the toxins that were lost. There are plenty of natural ways to take care of your skin and we highly recommend coconut oil as the perfect moisturizer for your skin.


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