Get rid of the smile lines with these effective home remedies!

Laughter may be the best medicine but it doesn’t help us get rid of the smile lines that appear around your mouth. They appear due to repetitive facial movements. They are simply a part of the aging process,and as we get older they multiply in number and deepen.

While nothing can be done about the development of the lines due to age, we can do something about preventing them from appearing early.

Here are some natural home remedies:

  • 1. Olive Oil

This oil has anti-aging properties that come from the polyphenols and oleic acid. Additionally, it moisturizes the skin and makes it smoother.

Rub some of the oil on the face and massage gently for several minutes so it can penetrate into the skin.

You can do this twice a day.

Another alternative is using olive oil and honey.

Rub the mixture on the lines and after you wash it off, apply a moisturizer.

  • 2. Argan Oil

Containing up to 80 percent of fatty acids, it is a natural ingredient that prevents wrinkles.

Wash your face thoroughly and apply some argan oil.

Massage gently

  • 3. Kiwi Scrub

A kiwi scrub exfoliates the skin and helps deal with smile lines.

Add sugar, olive oil, and 1 tablespoon of mashed kiwi in a bowl.

Apply in on your face, leave it for several minutes and exfoilate the skin with circular motions.

You can use it twice a week.

  • 4. Facial Exercises

Some facial exercises can tighten the facial skin and reduce wrinkles.

Exercise 1

While keeping the mouth and teeth closed, smile as much as you can and hold the position for 10 seconds. Repeat 20 times

Exercise 2

While your lips are partially separated, use your fingers to pull the corcers on your mouth as much as you can. Hold for 10 seconds and repeat 25 times.

  • 5. Sunscreen

A sunscreen lotion is a must to prevent sun damage and your skin from aging prematurely.

  • 6. Water

Try your best to keep your skin hydrated by drinking enough water throughout the day. You’ll look healthier and younger and your skin will be thankful.

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