The Incredible Health Benefits Himalayan Salt Lamps Can Bring You.

Himalayan salt lamps are considered a sacred creation, due to them being made of Himalayan sea salt which is thought to be composed of remains of Earth’s primal sea. Although these salt lamps can light up your surroundings, this is not the actual reason why they are so popular.

Himalayan salt lamps are said to bring various health benefits such as reducing the symptoms of conditions like asthma and allergies and reducing air pollution.

However, not all Himalayan lams can show such abilities and this is why it is important to be able to spot the difference between those that are fake and the real deal.

What is a Himalayan salt lamb and how does it work?

The real Himalayan salt lamps are in fact a hand-craved solid block of Himalayan salt that emits its benefits when it is turned on. Moreover, Himalayan salt can be found only in underground mines situated on the western end of the Himalayan mountains.

Salt lamps are made of a light-bulb that is placed at the center and emits both light and heat. Without this bulb, there will be no salt lamb only a block of salt. Furthermore, without the heat from the lamp, the warming of the salt particles would not be possible and we also wouldn’t be able to experience the benefit of Himalayan salt.

Salt is known for its amazing hygroscopic abilities to attract water molecules and the Himalayan salt lambs work in the exact same way, by attracting water vapor. This water vapor might contain indoor air pollutants like allergens, mold, and bacteria which all become trapped once the vapor comes in touch with the salt lamp. With the help of the light-bulb, the salt in the lamb dries out and continues to attract water vapor as the one which was sucked in is released without its bad particles.

Even though there has been no research focused on the benefits of the salt lambs, user testimonies and other studies regarding salt give us god reason to believe that Himalayan salt lambs may contribute to our well-being.

Himalayan salt lamp benefits

  1. Eases asthma and allergy symptoms

Himalayan salt is now commonly incorporated into inhalers because of its ability to bring relief to allergy and asthma sufferers. Among other things, salt is also found to be a soothing therapy for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Reports from the Lung Institute suggest that “Many people claim to have witnessed easier breathing as a result of the salt therapy”.

Numerous clinical studies claim that salt therapy can bring some impressive benefits which include bringing relief in:

–         75 percent of severe asthma cases

–         85 percent of moderate asthma cases

–         97 percent of cystic fibrosis and chronic bronchitis cases

Salt therapy was first discovered with the help of the Siberian salt mine workers who compared to the rest of the population had a very small amount of respiratory problems. Following this example, a great number of spas have tried to re-create the salt mines and have constructed salt-caves which are said to provide a similar experience. Furthermore, salt lamps are considered an effective way to introduce a bit of the salt mine experience into your own home.

  1. Sleep promoter and mood booster

During recent years the number of people who use Himalayan salt lambs to reduce anxiety has clearly witnessed a significant rise. The warm pinkish glow of these lambs introduces a calming presence to the room, and it is considered as pure enjoyment.

Many people prefer keeping salt lamps in their bedrooms because their ability to release negative ions into the air which are a helpful tool in reducing anxiety levels and improve the overall sleeping ambient.

Though we are unaware of these negative ions and can neither touch or feel them, once they find their way into our bloodstream, they are said to encourage a biochemical reaction which boosts our serotonin levels and instantly betters our mood.

  1. Air purification

Understandably, cleaner air in your home makes a healthier environment to live in. Since the research of the American Society of Horticultural Science suggests that our biggest air-polluting enemy is ozone and as it easily makes its way into our homes, these salt lambs may be a necessity.

As before said, these lamps as a result of their salty nature attract polluted water vapor and once the vapor comes in touch with the heated lamp the air pollutants are trapped while the vapor is cleansed of the bad particles is released back into the air. This process only happened when the lamp is turned on and it results in a cleaner and healthier air in your home.

As for now, the therapeutic glow of the salt lamps is of no interest to scientists and only a small number of studies have been conducted. Hopefully, things might change, and we may get the chance to learn more about Himalayan salt benefits, but in the meantime lets focus and take advantage of what we know of.


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