How are teeth connected to each organ in your body?!?

You’ve probably heard so far that an untreated “rotten” tooth can cause a bigger internal problem in the body. Many dentists will confirm as there is a strong bond between the health of the internal organs and the health of the teeth. Healthy teeth mean a healthy body.

Here’s an example. The lower and upper incisors are linked to the kidneys, the ears, and the bladder. The canine teeth are connected to the liver and the gallbladder.

Experts say that the molars are linked to the spleen, pancreas, and the stomach, while the premolars reflect the state of the lungs. The wisdom teeth are connected to the small intestine and the heart.

But even though the a tooth that hasn’t been treated on time can cause problems, it doesn’t mean that all damages in the body were caused by the teeth. It’s vital to pay your doctor and your dentist a regular visit, just in case. It’s also important to know how each tooth is connected to each organ.

Here’s the list:

Pain the lower and upper incisor: otitis, pyelonephritis, or cystitis

Chronic pain in the canine teeth: hepatitis or cholecystitis

Pain in the first incisor: prostatitis or tonsillitis

Premolar teeth pain: colon disease, knee pain, elbow pain, or inflammatory-related diseases

Molars pain: chronic gastritis, duodenal ulcer, gastric ulcer, anemia, chronic pancreatitis

Pain in the lower molars: varicose veins, polyps in the colon,  pneumonia, bronchial, bronchitis, asthma

Pain in the sixth upper teeth: inflammation in the spleen, ovaries, thyroid gland or sinusitis diseases

Pain in the sixth lower teeth, arteries problems, atherosclerosis, or vein-related problems

Wisdom teeth pain: coronary heart disease, cardiac diseases, a  congenital defect.

Again, any kind of condition or disease aren’t necessary caused by bad teeth. Nevertheless, don’t forget that your overall health depends on the health of the mouth. Take good care of the teeth and the gums to prevent any unnecessary complications.

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