Helpful tips on how to avoid braces.

For the majority of people when braces are mentioned the first thought that comes to mind is an embarrassing photo from high school which includes a wide smile covered with metal.

Solely the idea of having their teeth imprisoned my metal braces is disturbing to many but at the same time this is the only available solution that dentists give us.

Furthermore, due to having the perfect smile being a big plus and a great boost to your self-esteem a lot of children and even adults spend numerous years wearing braces to straighten crocked teeth, which we must mention also means spending a lot of money because braces are not a cheap option.

However, what most of us are not familiar with, mostly because our dentists fail to inform us, is the fact that there is a variety of alternative ways to avoid crocked teeth.

In addition, we will cover the alternatives to braces which Dr. Steven Lin, who specializes in dental problems, has pointed out as the most efficient ways to give your child the perfect smile without him/her wearing braces.

A holistic approach to dental health

The most common misconception that is served to us by our orthodontists is that usually genetics are to blame for out crocked teeth. Moreover, anthropology suggests that up to the Industrial revolution there is no sign that our ancestors had crooked teeth which leads us to the conclusion that genetics cannot be entirely blamed for our dental problems. According to Dr. Lin, though genetics may have an impact in some cases, the biggest cause for such problems is in fact our modern diet.

Most of us are brought up to think that the only enemy of our teeth is sugar because it causes cavities, however this is also not true because food is much more connected to our dental health than we can imagine.

In his book Dr. Lin explains just how great of an impact our daily diet has on our teeth and gives detail on the dental issues which emerge from specific foods. This type of research dates back to the 1930s, it was originally started by Dr. Weston A. Price and more amazingly others have also come to the same conclusions such as:

  • Fat- soluble vitamins K2, A and D are essential for a proper facial and jaw development.
  • For the proper absorption of these vitamins healthy fats are crucial and essential.

Sadly, our modern diets are in lack of these needed nutrients and this results in poorly developed jaws and crocked teeth.

Can fat-soluble vitamins straighten teeth?

Dr. Price’s research showed that communities which still followed their traditional diets had up to 20 times more elevated levels of fat-soluble vitamins compared to the standard Western society. Consequently, these communities had beautiful smiles and firmly developed jaws even though they did not use dental hygiene products as toothpaste and toothbrushes.

Vitamin D is used as means by which the body absorbs calcium, while vitamin K2 activates proteins and supports the process of carrying minerals to the teeth and bones. Moreover, vitamin A is important for facial growth signals and bone building cells. These vitamins function together and a lack or decrease in any can lead to a partial or unsatisfactory development of the jaw, which means there probably won’t be enough space for all the teeth and will result in them being crocked or crowded.

Natural alternatives to braces

According to Dr. Lin and other researchers there are certain things that you can pay attention to in hope to reduce the probability of some dental issues such as crocked teeth. Here are a few things to be cautious about:

Eating a traditional diet

Consuming plenty of fish, avocado, coconut oil, pastured organ meats and pastured butter and most importantly fermented foods is worth pursuing because these foods are rich in healthy fats and fat-soluble vitamins, which as we already mentioned is crucial for a proper development.


Breastfeeding is not a thing that every mom is able to gift her child with, however if this option is possible the American Dental Association encourages every woman to fulfill it due to breastfeeding being considered the first step towards healthy teeth. Breastfeeding not only helps build up a proper-functioning immune system, it also supports proper tongue posture.

Mouth proportions

Dr. Lin advises to keep an eye out for a malformed jaw or any other malfunctioning because if it is noticed in an earlier state it is easier to correct. Looking out for your child and paying attention to the way the child breaths and their facial posture are two key factors.

Can teenagers and adults reverse crocked teeth?

Although, it is commonly agreed upon that the upper palate fusses in adulthood and is irreversible, Dr. Lin strongly disagrees. He says that the palate contains stem cells which make it expandable and eventhough it may take longer for teens and adults to witness change it is possible. This can be achieved by following the above-mentioned recommendations that not only help with your dental issues but also better your overall health.


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