What’s your ideal weight according to your age, height and body shape?

Nowadays, weight-related issues are a common problem.

There are a lot of people that are fighting obesity and struggling to maintain a healthy balance. On the other hand, there is the issue of being underweight. The difference between the desired and the ideal weight is enormous.

The weight some people desire can more than often be quite unhealthy, whereas your ideal weight is how much the body needs in order to function properly. This can’t be overlooked as more and more women and men go to “unhealthy” lengths to be skinny, which causes additional health problems.

The latest trends promote excessive weight loss and this isn’t necessary the best option. It’s true that excessive weight and obesity can cause numerous health issues such as diabetes, heart problems, and hypertension. However, losing a lot of weight can be just as dangerous for the health of your body.

As in many cases, the “golden middle” seem to be the best option as well.

There are a lot of calculators and charts available that can tell you your ideal weight. Nevertheless, this one was designed by specialists and doctors. It’s easy to use and it includes several parameters, such as your age, height, and body shape so it can calculate the idea body weight for each individual.

What’s best about it is that it doesn’t promote unhealthy body proportions.

To find out the ideal weight you need to have, check out the picture below. Never forget that excessive weight loss can cause a lot of health issues and being skinny doesn’t necessarily mean you’re healthy.

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