What is Your Ideal Weight According to Your Height?

Your ideal weight not only does it depend on your height, but it also depends on a lot of other things. Factors like age, bone density, and muscle-fat ratio should also be considered when determining how much you should weight.

Health professionals usually opt for and suggest using your Body Mass Index (BMI) to decide whether your body weight is close to ideal. Others, on the other hand, say that BMI can be quite inaccurate because it doesn’t account for muscle mass. They also add that waist-hip ratio is a method that’s way better.

But no matter how many arguments you add to these types of debates, it’s important to remember that one person’s ideal weight may be completely different from another’s.

For example, if you compare yourself to friends or family members, then you’re taking too high of a risk in case you are surrounded by overweight or obese people. In other cases, your risk may be too low if you usually hang out with fashion models. Comparing yourself with people outside your immediate surroundings may not work out as well.

In countries such as the UK and the USA, the levels of obesity and overweight people are much higher than other countries, for example, The Netherlands. Thus, an American may aim for a higher ideal weight than a Dutch person, if all they do is compare themselves to people that surround them.

However, it is good to know that your height can help a lot when it comes to determining the weight you’re supposed to opt for.

Here is a table that will show you how much you need to weight (approximately) according to your height:

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