Improve your eyesight naturally with these simple exercises

The eyes are one of our most sensitive body parts, yet we rarely pay attention to our eyes’ health. Though many may not be familiar with this fact, eye exercises exist and are very helpful in maintaining your eye’s vision. This type of exercise can also help improve the focus of the eye, strengthen eye muscles and also enhance the center of vision.

Sadly, as we mentioned before very few are aware of these exercises and even fewer choose to do these exercises as a precaution or to improve weakened eyesight because they are not familiar with the benefits they bring.

Can your eyesight improve within a week/month?

To this date, there exists no medical study that has witness results in such a short period. Therefore, it is recommendable not to give up if you do not witness results within a week or a month. Keep practicing these exercises, keep a healthy diet and you will get the wanted results.

Also, do not forget your eye checkups and regularly visit your doctor to keep track of your improvement.

Improve your eyesight naturally

As vitamins C, A and E are crucial to maintaining your eyes’ health, it is advisable to incorporate lots of fruits and vegetables into your diet.

Experts suggest that the right type of diet can benefit your eyesight, which means getting a proper amount of both minerals and vitamins is very important. Taking supplements is also a good idea and will benefit your eyes’ health as well as your overall health.

Prepare for your eye exercises

Before you start practicing these exercises, you should prepare by following these simple steps:

–         Consult a medical professional

Though these exercises cannot cause you any harm, consulting with your doctor and getting an eye exam first would be beneficial because your doctor can tell you what to focus on. Furthermore, it is a good idea to go ahead and ask your doctor if these exercises can help your condition specifically.

–         Palm your eyes

First, start by rubbing your hands against each other until you feel hot and then close the eyes and cover them with your palms. Remember not to put pressure on your eyes and to keep your fingers together so no light is able to enter trough because light can stimulate your eyes and ruin the relaxation process. Keep in this position for 3 minutes, before you go on to the exercises.

–         Eyelid massage

Before you start make sure to wash your hands using either antibacterial soap or solution. Once your hands are clean, close the eyes and using the tips of your fingers start massaging your eyes using circular motions. Apply only light pressure to relax and stimulate your eyes.

Eye exercises

  1. Zooming eyes exercise

The only difficulty you will be facing during this exercise is the fact that your focus must be constant and mustn’t break. During this exercise, you will be zooming in and out of the given object of your choice.


–         First, start by sitting down in a pleasant position and raise your hand and position your thumb 3 inches before you.

–         Next, focus on your thumb and start zooming in and out with your eyes.

–         Slowly, move your thumb forward until your arm is stretched out completely.

–         Do three repetitions of this exercise, once a week.

  1. Near and far focus

This is a very helpful exercise and gives amazing results due to it effectively strengthening the eye muscles.


–         Stand before (in front) a blank wall and position your thumb or any other object of your choice 10 inches away. Focus on this object for 10-15 seconds.

–         Next, take an object and place it 10 feet away and keep your focus on it for 10-15 seconds.

–         Now go back to the near object and try to focus on it.

–         Change the far and near objects about 5 times to complete one cycle. Do two more cycles to complete the exercise.

  1. Directional eye exercise

By moving your eyes in various directions, you are strengthening your eye muscles and ensuring healthy eyesight.

Left and right


–         Start with a steady, straight gaze and then look to the left and focus on what you see.

–         Then switch to the right and focus on what you see.

–         Do 5 repetitions of left to right to complete one set. Do two more sets.

Up and down

–         Again, start with a straight gaze and then start moving your eyes up and down without your head moving.

–         Repeat this exercise 3 times.

  1. Rolling eyes exercise

With this exercise, you will improve your eye movement, which will help better your eyesight.

Roll your eyes in a circle


–         Start with a steady, straight gaze and then slowly start looking to the left and go on to moving your eyes in a circular motion.

–         Do 5 clockwise motions and 5 anticlockwise motions.

–         Repeat three sets.

  1. End eye exercises with palming

To soothe and relax your eyes, end every exercise session with palming, which we explained how to do earlier.

Once you finished palming, relax and breathe for a minute or two.


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