Can a Keto Diet Better Your Prospect Of Conceiving a Baby?!?

The keto diet is a diet that includes heavier fat intake combined with low carb intake and it is proven to be very efficient as it has help tons of people lose those extra pounds. But this is not all, the keto diet can bring various other benefits because it also has both an anti-aging and anti-inflammatory, and some even reported that it helped ease their headaches.

However, recently one man took things to another level when he posted on Reddit that not only did the keto diet helped him and his wife lose weight, it also helped them conceive. The couple has been following the keto diet plan for no more than three months and amazingly this diet somehow helped them and now they have a baby on the way.

Moreover, the day hadn’t even finished yet and this husband’s post was all over the internet. It received over 200 comments among which many other users said they have heard of this phenomenon before and some even shared their personal experience involving it.

One woman said she knew of the keto diet’s “powers” and that’s why she and her husband were extra careful while she was following the diet plan. She also congratulated the couple on the happy news and said she was glad it worked out well for them.

Another user reported that their first child was, in fact, a “keto baby” that the couple magically conceived after 7 months of following the keto diet. Just when this couple lost all hope after a long period of trying and almost gone in for another round of IVF, they received a wonderful surprise.

This proves that there is more than one couple out there that believes that the keto diet helped boost their fertility and brought them the gift they have been long waiting for. This might come as a surprise but there are a lot of “keto baby groups” on Facebook and platforms all over the internet which bear information from users that claim the keto diet helped them with getting pregnant.

Such stories may leave you thinking if this is real and can the keto diet actually help boost fertility?

Sadly, science has yet not provided us with a clear answer, and no one can prove are these claims real or make-believe stories people like to spread around.

Some studies support the idea that the keto diet is helpful. A 2017 study suggests that a low-carb diet positively affects women’s hormones and may influence female fertility.

A different study published in 2018 suggest that this diet can be of great help and has a positive effect on PCOS women because it increases their baby-making odds.

Tanmoy Mukherjee, associate director of the division of reproductive endocrinology at Mound Sinai Health System thinks that the keto diet does not benefit fertility in any specific way. Instead, he claims that any diet that can help you achieve a healthier weight contributes to bettering conceiving prospects.

Fredrich Licciardi who works as a professor at NYU Langone Fertility Center in New York also supports this theory and claims that weight loss is in fact what improves your ability to be fertile. According to him getting your BMI down is what makes all the difference and not only is this good for your fertility but your overall health as well.

Just so there would be no misunderstandings, a few extra pounds cannot be the reason for infertility, obesity is what causes hormonal changes, especially in women and it contributes to lowering your chances of getting pregnant. William Schlaff, who is a chairman of the department of obstetrics and gynecology at Thomas Jefferson University at Philadelphia, adds that the ovarian function decreases as a woman gains more over her healthy weight.

Let’s not forget to mention that being obese can have a negative effect on men’s fertility as well. Doctor Will Cole’s research proves that excessive sugar and refined carbohydrates intake can result in poor sperm health, meaning the standard American diet can be linked to infertility in men. Therefore, he advises keeping a balanced diet rich in nuts, omega fatty acids, seed and healthy fats to ensure good sperm health.

Even though we cannot be sure whether or not the keto-diet itself was of any help to the couples above that reported having “keto babies”, the fertility experts did not rule it out. These happy parents and parents-to-be might be on to something but we cannot confirm it with certainty. Either way, we congratulate them and wish them all the best.


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