Lift up your legs every day for 20 minutes for less stress and better blood circulation!

People have got used to being in constant motion and living at full speed. This is why we’re all looking for exercises that are effective and don’t require much time and effort. Well, to shake off tiredness all you really need is 20 minutes a day.

Find a comfortable position near a wall and put a pillow under the lower back. Lift your legs up and stretch them nicely along the wall. Stay in that position for 15- 20 minutes.

Make sure you are wearing clothes that don’t interfere with blood circulation. The changes that will happen are the following:

1. The feeling of heaviness in your legs will disappear.

The feeling of heaviness and swelling in the legs is linked with poor blood circulation. The reasons for this are numerous including excess weight, an unhealthy diet, or a heart of kidney malfunction. The reason for the swelling has to be determined and treated properly. This exercise will just be a nice addition to the treatment that will improve blood circulation.

2. No more tiredness when wearing high heels.

High heels make women look great, but there is a downside. Wearing them all the time contributes to poor body weight distribution. Lifting your legs up after a long day will give the legs a proper rest.

3. Your digestion will improve.

The improved blood circulation will do wonders for the digestive tract. The smooth muscles for peristalsis of the stomach are the ones responsible for the work of the intestines and they will function better with improved blood circulation.

4. Your nervous system won’t be stressed.

You will be able to breath in more air and relax in this position. As the body gets more oxygen and blood circulation improves, the body gets all the necessary nutrients. This benefits the nervous system and reduces tension in the stomach, neck, and the temples.

5. Your quality of sleep will improve.

A recurring unpleasant feeling in the legs is bound not to let you get a good night sleep. Lifting your legs up for at least 15 minutes every day will make sure you get rid of those symptoms.

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