10 Lazy Girl Hacks That Will Help You Lose Weight Fast!

If you want to lose weight fast without spending thousands for those fat loss programs, you’ve come to the right place. Losing weight the right way is difficult, but very achievable, if you put your mind to it. At some point it might cause some of us to want to pull out our hairs but it’s really a matter of changing some simple habits that would produce the results.

There are weight loss hacks that can help you lose weight. Easy things to incorporate into your daily life to make it happen. Here are ten that you should start doing right now. Lets’s get started.

1.Avoid packaged & fast food

This is an obvious one. Processed food is usually loaded with calories and is the biggest reasons why obesity is an epidemic in America. The food served at restaurants on large plates can also contain high calorie levels. Consuming this sort of food should be minimized as soon as possible if you are wanting to lose weight.

2.Don’t drink your calories

The average American drinks 400 calories a day. That’s a ton of empty calories that are making us fat. Consuming a few calories less is far easier than working out to burn fat. Just drink more water. You can also add some fruit to your water to add some flavor.

3.Use a water bottle tracker

Water is probably the most important ingredient for fat loss. Drinking more water keeps you hydrated which makes losing weight easier. But just like calories, you should track how much water you are consuming. So water bottle trackers are great especially when you’re first starting out.

4.Use small bowls and plates

Another simple trick of how to lower the calorie intake. When you use a big plate, you naturally want to fill it up but that is certainly not doing you any favors. That’s why portion control is so important. Just try using smaller plates and containers.

5.Drink warm milk before bed

The reason is that milk contains a type of protein called casein which helps to build and sustain lean muscle. Another great thing about drinking milk before bed is that it will help to keep you full until it’s time for breakfast in the morning.

6.Prep meals ahead

Prepping your meals ahead of time can seem like a lot of work but think of it this way. You actually only need to cook once every four days, rather than daily. Get some containers and your meals will stay good in the fridge for at least four days. It’s easy to just go out and grab some fast food when we get hungry so these are perfect for just sticking in the microwave real quick.

7.Limit your sitting time

Less of Netflix and more of walking. We sit in the car, when we’re watching TV, playing on the computer, eating, the list goes on. Just being mindful about how often we’re sitting can help us to lose weight.

8.Do a short workout, don’t overwhelm yourself

We all know the endless benefits we can experience from getting daily exercise. So, take baby steps. You can start with morning walks. Walking every day helps you burn extra calories. It’s more efficient if you walk before your breakfast. And throughout the day, you should start doing some sit ups and push ups, that will help you lose some extra calories.

9.Grab ordinary coffee

Special coffee drinks from fancy stores can contain several hundred calories. Hence, such items must be avoided. A cup of regular coffee with skim milk has just a small fraction of those calories.

10. Eat a handful of nuts.

When you feel that hunger, eat a handful of nuts. Not only are they packed with nutrients, these smart snacks are a great way to prevent hunger pangs and binge eating. But like any food or snacks, don’t over do it.

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