Losing Weight with Hypothyroidism is Real and This is How to do it!

Losing weight with hypothyroidism isn’t impossible. Hypothyroidism is a condition in which the thyroid gland doesn’t function normally – there is a low secretion of thyroid hormones. This leads to sensitivity to cold, fatigue, decrease in basal metabolism, and menstrual changes in women. Most people who suffer from this condition gain weight easily, but there is a way to control the weight gain.

How to lose weight with hypothyroidism

Sleep regularly and get enough of it

Lack of sleep is terrible for people who suffer from hypothyroidism. Sleep at least 7 hours and make sure you sleep well because not getting enough sleep can make you gain weight, even if you’re not suffering from this condition.

Boost your metabolism

When the activity of the thyroid gland slows down the metabolism does so as well. Try boosting your metabolism by eating healthy and exercising whenever possible. Make sure you lose the habits that slow it down as well.

Diet for people with hypothyroidism

Opt for foods that are rich in fiber, iodine, selenium and foods with high nutritional quality. You need all the vitamins, mineral and main nutrients that you get get and fewer calories to avoid gaining weight. As mentioned previously, the condition itself makes gaining weight a lot easier, so you have to choose your food carefully.

Foods to avoid if you suffer from hypothyroidism

The functioning of the thyroid glad isn’t specifically altered by many foods, however there are some that interfere in the absorption of different minerals, vitamins, and other nutrients that help the thyroid gland function properly.

Foods that hinder the absorption of iodine should be avoided by people who suffer from hypothyroidism. These foods include cabbage, kale, mustard, peach, strawberries, radishes, and peanuts. Foods that are rich in chlorine and fluoride should also be avoided.

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