Effective ways to make your nails grow faster.

Your fingernails are made of multiple layers of keratin (a hard protein). Just by looking at your nails, medical professionals can spot any existing health problems such as vitamin deficiencies. There are a few features that make up a healthy nail:

–         Free of groves and dents

–         A consistent color

–         Hard and smooth texture

Most women dream of beautiful, long nails but it is impossible to get these “dreamy” nails overnight because nail growth is a process that requires some time. However, there are some steps you can take to both speeds up this process and better the health of your fingernails.

Strengthen your nails by making better lifestyle choices

  1. Consume foods high in vitamin B7

Vitamin B7 or biotin can make your nails stronger and healthier. The best way to incorporate biotin is your diet is by eating foods like:

–         Avocado

–         Broccoli

–         Milk

–         Soy

–         Corn

–         Egg yolk

–         Barley

–         Pork, fish, and chicken

  1. Limit water exposure

By limiting the exposure of your nails to water you are helping them keep their moisture and reducing the chances of them breaking. The best way to make sure your nails stay safe is to wear gloves when you are doing chores which expose your hands to liquid, such as washing the dishes. The only two scenarios when your nails should be exposed to water is either when you are washing your hands or taking a shower or a bath.

  1. Biotin supplements

Daily intake of biotin supplements can ensure your nails stay strong and it can also eliminate the possibility of them spitting, breaking or suffering any similar damage. Such supplements can be commonly found in health food stores or pharmacies.

–         There has not yet been estimated a limit to the daily dose of biotin one can take, still, it is best to avoid large dosses because they may cause some unwanted effects we are not familiar with.

  1. Warmer climate

It has been proved that the nails of people who live in areas with hot summers and mild winters grow faster compared to those who live in colder climates. Therefore, if you have the chance to, visit locations like Bali, Florida or Greece. If not, there are always alternatives as:

–         Your body needs the sun so it can create vitamin D, which is a key factor for faster nail growth. Thus, make sure you get plenty of sunlight even if you live in colder areas.

–         Minimize the possibility of your nails getting brittle and fragile by protecting them from the cold during those winter months.

  1. Avoid harsh chemicals and detergents

Start by replacing your regular nail polish remover with one which is acetone-free. Stay safe and avoid direct contact with detergents and household cleaners because they are made of chemicals that dry out your nails and make them fragile.

–         Make it a habit to always wear gloves when cleaning or washing the dishes.

Go the extra mile for your nails

  1. Regularly shape your nails with a nail file

When it comes to filing your nails, you should pay attention to always shape them into an oval and be sure to take action immediately when they chip or break. Moreover, keep in mind that you must file your nails at least once a week.

–         As we have already mentioned, shape your nails in an oval because shaping them into points will cause them to easily break.

  1. Stop biting your nails

Biting your nails is a big NO! Firstly, because is not hygienic and secondly because it prevents them from growing. Resisting this temptation is certainly not an easy thing to do, so we give you a few ways to deal with such problems:

–         Color your nails with bitter-tasting nail polish.

–         Avoid situations that spark the need to bite your nails.

–         Replace this bad habit with a good one like playing with a stress ball

–         Clip your broken nails to avoid the temptation of biting them.

  1. Moisturize your nails

Regular moisturizing will not only ensure your nails stay strong and don’t peel or break easily, but it will also contribute to speeding up the process of nail growth. Use a heavier, oil-based moisturizer and apply on both your nails and cuticles.



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