Natural remedies to keep your nails beautiful and shiny.

For most of us visits to the nail salon are a rare occasion mostly because we cannot make the time for it or we are not able to afford it.However, getting your pedicure and manicure regularly is not the only way to care for your nails. There are a lot of easy and natural ways to make sure your nails are healthy and taken care of.

We can all agree upon the fact that nasty- looking nails are a very unpleasant sight, so we all try to aim for the naturally -pink look of our nails.  Doctors have said that nails are a representation of our overall health and by looking at our nails deficiencies and even conditions may be determined.

Nail abnormalities

  • Cracked or split nails

Our nails naturally get more fragile as we age but other factors as having your hands in water longer than usual may cause dryness or even cracks and splits of your nails. These malformations of your nails point to conditions like psoriasis, fungal infection or thyroid disease.

  • Leukonychia (white spots on your nails)

Minor trauma of your nails is the most common cause for these harmless white spots. Moreover, ongoing leukonychia may be a sign of metabolic conditions, infections, nutritional deficiencies or a side effect of drug abuse.

  • Mee’s lines

These white lines may be a result of arsenic or carbon monoxide poisoning or caused by chemotherapy.

Helpful tips to provide proper care

  • Clean your nails with baking soda

The surface of the nails can be kept clean with regularly washing your hands, but this does not clean the area underneath. Take a toothbrush and dip it into baking soda then carefully scrub under each nail. If you want to make you nails extra white add a drop f peroxide or lemon juice.

  • Make sure your nails are adequately trimmed

Long nails look pretty but are difficult to maintain a lesson we all learn occasionally. If you grow your nails too long they will break, this is a very painful experience and we tend to make it worse by picking them and causing more harm. The only solution to this problem is to keep your nails well-trimmed. We all know the appropriate length that best suits our nails and there is no need to grow them longer than that.


If you are not satisfied with the same plain old look of your nails and want a bit of change, try buffing. This is a process for which you will need a nail buffer to help you polish your fingernails until they shine. Be careful not to overdo it because it may waken your nails and make them vulnerable.

Avoid harmful chemicals

Most nail polish brands contain some type of chemicals, but they are not as destructive an cannot cause as much harm as the acetone used to clean your nails afterwards. Acton leaves your nails, skin and cuticles dry and damaged. The best options to protect your nails are non- acetone polish removers. They also have a drying- effect and are made of chemicals but do not cause as much harm.

Organic nail polish

If you have a special occasion or you are just a fan of colored nails who is searching for a less-harmful option, then look no more. Water-based enamels are available on the market now. You can easily remove them by using water or simple alcohol.

Learn the right way to file your nails

It is a widely spread habit to file your nails going both back and forward, but this is not the appropriate way to file and in fact wakens the nail. Rough nail files are a big NO! Always go with the fine nail files and remember nails should only be filed in one direction.

Moisturize your cuticles

The cuticle has a naturally liability and it is likely to suffer from dryness and cracking if it is not properly moisturized. A home-made herbal body cream is a simple, natural moisturizer for your cuticles and a suitable protector of this tough pieces of skin. Also, do not make the mistake of cutting your cuticles you are exposing yourself to the risk of infection.

A healthy diet

Vitamin deficiencies are commonly the cause of pit in your nails or brittle nails. Keeping a healthy diet, rich in proteins and vitamins is not only good for your general health but it also keeps your nails nice and pink.


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