Natural ways to improve your sleep.

The absence of a good night sleep tends to make it difficult so get trough the day ahead.

Your concentration in not on point, which makes you easily forget even the important plans you had. If this alone is not enough, a lack of sleep can have negative effects on your overall health and cause problems as hormonal imbalance or problems with your blood sugar regulation.

We can all agree upon the fact that our sleep schedules have been ruined and most adults are getting less than 7 hours of sleep due to them being able to function and thinking there is no room for sleep in “the grown-up world”.

This can easily lead to sleep- deprivation or the common occurrence of headaches and nausea because the average adult needs to get a decent sleep of 7-9 hours. Children, on the other hand are in a bigger need of sleep and experts say they must sleep longer than 9 hours to function properly.

Natural sleep remedies

Almost all of us can say that at a certain time of our life we experienced some type of sleeping problems. The usual tips we get from our friends and family are to decrease our caffeine intake, regular exercise and finding a way to create a suitable sleep environment. Though these things are important, they sometimes cease to achieve the needed effect. In so cases, even creating a dark room, using magnesium and other supplements is not helpful and your sleep problems just won’t go away.

Furthermore, those suffering from serious, long-lasting sleep problem must talk to a professional, consult to see if there is a deeper issue.

The following sleep remedies are a bit unusual but worth trying. They are easily accessible to everyone and inexpensive, some of them are even free which is also a big plus.

  1. Cherry juice

You may be wondering, how cancherry juice be connected to sleep, but this is no joke. Cherry juice is a part of many online reviews and also has scientific background. According to researchers form Louisiana State University this drink can be helpful to those suffering from insomnia, it promotes restful sleep, reduces inflammation and improves melatonin levels.

This study has also proved that drinking cherry juice can prolong your sleep. The adults who suffered from insomnia and took part of this study witnessed an improvement after drinking eight ounces of Montmorency tart juice per day over the course of two weeks. Results showed an average of additional 84 minutes of sleep each night.

How to use it

Drink one tablespoon of tart cherry juice every night before you go to bed. If you are not a fan of its taste you can mix in the cherry juice in chamomile on any other type of herbal tea.

  1. Honey and salt

Again, not what you expected, but believe it or not this combination is actually really effective and helpful.

A study conducted in 2011 was published in the Journal of Neuroscience, according to which slat has proven to balance blood sugar levels and lower cortisol levels, and provides you with a peacefulnight of sleep. Natural sugars also lower cortisol levels by slightly elevating insulin levels.

How to use it

All you need to do is combine a sprinkle of salt and ½ teaspoon of a natural sugar like maple syrup or honey, and consume it 20 minutes before you go to bed. Another way of using this remedy is to add in this combination to a cup of chamomile tea and drink it as such.

  1. Morning exercise

Exercise is good for your overall health and as it turns out it’s also helpful in improving your sleep. Even as little as 4 minutes of exercise in the morning can bring your cortisol cycle to its natural levels and lessen your sleep problems, claims sleep expert Shawn Stevenson.

  1. Sleep journal

Most of us will cringe at the idea of keeping a sleep journal, but as it turns out it may be very helpful. Writing in your journal and keeping track of your habits will make you aware of the mistakes you are making. However, if you are not a fan of journals you can simply download a sleep tracking app on your phone.

  1. Deep breathing in a 4-7-8 pattern

This pattered breathing helps oxygenate the blood and therefore bring relaxation to your body. This type of breathing is practiced in a number of religions in the form of prayer and meditation.

What to do

  • Start by sitting or laying down, whichever you prefer, in a relaxed position. Then breath in trough your nose and count to four.
  • Next, hold your breath while you count to seven.
  • Finally, exhale trough the mouth while counting to eight.
  • Repeat this 3-4 times, until you feel fully relaxed.


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