Get the perfect Tan you have been wishing for with these homemade lotions and oils .

Now that summer is here, everyone is looking forward to a day at the beach to show off their perfectly tanned skin. Unfortunately, most of us were not lucky enough to be born with a nicely tanned skin and due solely to this reason many of us without giving a second thought choose unsafe options like tanning lotions and tanning beds.

Sadly, these tanning lotions are widely used, mostly because a big number of people are not aware of the harm that the chemicals found in them bring. Another big reason why people use these artificial skin tanners is the fact that the market gives very little to choose form and most of the tanners are similar one to another.

However, contrary to popular opinion there is a variety of safe and natural self-tanning lotions and oils which will provide you with the desired skin-tan.

Homemade self-tanner

No matter which you choose (coffee or tea) to combine with other ingredients into a lotion, you will not make a mistake because this lotion will give you the bronze-tan that you have been long waiting for. This recipe does not contain any chemicals, so you don’t have to worry about getting hideous results like the orange look that commercial tanning products often cause.


  • 1tbs vanilla extract
  • Coffee/Organic tee
  • Filtered water


  • Put the filtered water in a bowl, then add in the vanilla extract and let it boil
  • Your next step is pouring the hot mixture over the organic tea
  • Leave the tea to steep for 10 minutes, then remove the tea bags and leave the mixture to cool off
  • Transfer the liquid into a clean spray bottle
  • When need it to spray it on your skin and witness the wonderful effect

Cocoa powder self-tanning oil

Not only is this recipe simple and easy to make, it is also 100 percent organic and safe. All you need to do is buy these two simple ingredients, combine them and there you have it a homemade tanning remedy.


  • Unscented white lotion
  • 100 % cocoa powder


  • Take ½ a cup of the white lotion and 1/3 of a cup of the cocoa powder and pour them into a bowl
  • Mix until it is smooth
  • The color, the tan this recipe will give you relays on the amount of cocoa powder you put
  • Remember, the lotion will appear as darker while it is in the bowl, therefore be careful and add in more cocoa powder if needed to match your skin
  • To get a deep tan, apply this lotion evenly over your skin every day

Coffee/tea tanning recipe

This recipe is actually very similar to the first one, the one major difference is that in this recipe you will need a lotion.


  • White lotion
  • 4 black tea/coffee bags


  • In a cup of boiled/hot water add the tea to brew or add the coffee, whichever you prefer
  • Take the brewed tea and lotion, put them in a bowl and mix them well
  • A friendly reminder, to get the best effect of this recipe, remember to exfoliate your skin first
  • The amount of tea/coffee and lotion you put is directly connected to the color this tanning lotion will bring, so if you want a darker, deeper color add in more
  • Finally, spread the lotion and cover every visible area of your skin and let it soak in (if a darker tone is what you are aiming at, add another layer)

Is there a natural way to remove tan?

The answer is yes, there are multiple completely natural ways to get rid of your summer tan. Once the summer partying has passed and you want to get your natural complexion back do not go straight to the remedies filled with chemicals, cause luckily they are not your only option. Instead, use the following natural mixtures and ingredients and get your old tan without causing harm to your skin.

Turmeric and milk

How to use

  • Take a teaspoon of turmeric and combine it with some milk in a small bowl
  • Mix these ingredients thoroughly, then apply on the needed area of your body
  • Let it sit for at least 30 minutes (maximum 45)

Papaya and honey

How to use

  • Take ½ a cup of papaya and blend it well, when done add one tablespoon of honey to it and rub it on your skin gently
  • Leave it on for a maximum of 60 minutes, then rinse off and see how the tanning goes away

Lemon juice and honey

  • Take some honey and combine it with a tablespoon lemon juice to make a paste
  • Apply the mixture and leave it on to work for about 30 minutes

As you wash it off you will see how your original complexion is revealing itself


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