If you’re a fan of tropical flavors, you will love this pineapple coconut smoothie recipe.

Perfect as breakfast or an energizing afternoon snack. I mean, who can resist the pineapple and coconut combination? Certainly not me.

Just in case, if you want to limit your sugar intake, make sure you use unsweetened coconut/almond milk, unsweetened shredded coconut, and unsweetened frozen pineapple chunks for this recipe.


-1 cup of Almond milk

-1 banana fresh or frozen

-2 cups of frozen pineapple

-1/4 cup sweetened flaked coconut

Garnishes optional

-2 sprigs of mint

-2 lime wedges

-2 pineapple wedges

-coarse sugar


Place the almond milk, banana, pineapple and coconut in a blender; blend until completely smooth. Serve as is or garnish as follows.
For optional garnishes, dip the rim of 2 glasses into water and then into a plate of coarse sugar.
Pour the smoothie into the glasses and place a mint sprig into each glass.
Place a wedge of pineapple and lime onto the rims of the cups.
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