Simple hand exercises that relieve arthritis pain.

Hand arthritis is a very uncomfortable condition because it causes stiffness and pain in the joints and these symptoms make it hard to complete even the simplest tasks. Losing the strength of your arms and hands is also not uncommon and this itself causes the most trouble because individuals suffering from such a condition, face various difficulties, and are something unable to even type on the keyboard of their computer and cannot imagine to try and open a jar.

Moreover, due to arthritis and the irritation and inflammation it causes, the production of synovial fluid is reduced which leads to a lack of lubrication and protection of the joints.

Hand arthritis treatment

There is a variety of medical options when it comes to treating hand arthritis such as steroid injections, oral pain-relieving medications or in some cases even splinting your hands to ensure protection and prevent further damage of the joints. However, if these options are not helpful, there also exists a surgical procedure for fixing the damaged joint.

Moreover, homemade treatments can also be very helpful and reduce the discomfort and pain that arthritis brings. Hand exercises are one of the best ways to relieve arthritis pain, keep the joints flexible and improve overall range of motion. Furthermore, other benefits that hand exercises bring include strengthening the muscles which reduces discomfort and gives extra support to the joints, and improving hand function by providing extra flexibility to the tendons and ligaments. Most importantly, these hand exercises that we are presenting you bellow with can better the production of synovial fluid, which lack of as we mentioned before is on e of the biggest causes for joint disfunction.

Exercise 1 – Make a fist

The best thing about this exercise is the fact that if you are feeling any type of stiffness in your hand you can do it anywhere in anytime because there is really nothing special to it.

  • First, hold out your left hand and keep all your fingers straight.
  • Go on to making a fist and do so slowly, remember your finger should be on the outside and you must be gentle, so no squeezing.
  • Finally, slowly start opening your hand until it is in the primal position.

Do 10 sets of this exercise with your left hand and then do the same with your other hand.

Exercise 2 – Finger bends

  • Your fist position is the same as in the former exercise, your left hand held up straight.
  • Next, start bending your thumb inwards your palm and hold it like that for a few seconds, then straighten it back.
  • Do the same with your index finger.

Do so with all the other fingers of your hand and when done repeat the same procedure with your right hand.

Exercise 3 – thumb bend

  • Get your left hand in the starting position as in the previous exercises
  • Then bend your thumb inwards and try to reach your pinky finger, if you can’t reach it just stretch the thumb as much as you can
  • If you are able to reach the pinky stretch it well and hold that position for a few seconds
  • When done, return your thumb in the starting position

Do 10 sets of this exercise with your left hand, then switch to your right hand.

Exercise 4 – make and “O”

Again, start by holding up your left hand while keeping your fingers straight.

  • Try to make an “O” by curving all your fingers inwards until they touch.
  • Stay in this position for just a few seconds, then slowly go back to the starting position.

Feel free repeat this exercise multiple times throughout the day whenever you experience stiffness in your hands.

Exercise 5 – Table bend

  • Start by positioning the edge of the pinky-side of your left hand on the table and point your thumb up
  • Then bend your fingers inwards while keeping your thumb in the same position
  • Hold in this “L position” for a few seconds that slowly go back to the position you started from.

Do this exercise 10 times with your left and 10 times with your right hand.

Exercise 6 – Wrist stretch

Your wrists can also be affected by this condition and get stiff and sore, therefore you also must pay attention to their flexibility.

  • Start by spreading your left arm out with your palm facing the floor and gently start pressing down on it with your right hand until you feel a stretch in both your arm and wrist.
  • Keep your hands in this position for a couple of seconds.

Repeat 10 times, then do the same with your other hand.

If you find these exercises hard and difficult to practice, consult a medical professional who can give you a more suitable treatment.

However, if these exercises bring you relief and you find them helpful, make them a part of your routine.


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