Scent suppresses appetite: These 16 scents can help you lose weight!

Did you know that scents can help you lose weight? The conventional weight loss wisdom is exercise and eat right. However, there are other mechanisms out there that can create a healthy body we all want. The ability of aroma, or our sense of smell can apparently help us shed the unwanted pounds. This forward-thinking research doesn’t say you need to swap the gym membership with an aromatherapy diffuser, but it wouldn’t hurt to have this tool at your disposal.

Why does smell trigger responses in the body? Well, because smell causes reactions in various bodily systems. Smells have powerful effects on the function of the human body – it even works when the smell is imagined as well. Just think about a juicy lemon – it brings water to your mouth, doesn’t it?

When you begin salivating, other organs are getting ready to burn calories and digest food- the liver and the pancreas start production enzymes and bile.

Did you know certain aromas can make you fat?

Smelling a sweet smell like chocolate or vanilla increases the cravings for candy and junk food, according to a 2016 study. A fresh scent, on the other hand, has an opposite effect.

16 scents that can trigger weight loss:

1. Lemon

Lemon has a bright and energizing scent which triggers lipolysis – the breaking down of body fats.

2. Peppermint

Inhaling peppermint controls cravings and appetite.

3. Grapefruit

This fruit balances cholesterol and revs up the metabolism. Inhaling its scent will suppress the appetite.

4. Coffee

Simply smelling the aroma of coffee may ignite the fat-burning process and keep you energized and focused.

5. Lavender

The smell of lavender shuts down the production of the stress hormones and relaxes the body, thus, helping it getting rid of the extra fat.

6. Cypress

Lowering inflammation and stress, which can make the body hold the excess weight, cypress can help you shed the extra pounds.

7. Cucumber

Prevents stress-induced eating and helps the body relax.

8. Green apple

According to research, participants who have sniffed bananas and green apples were able to curb weight gain.

9. Olive oil

Smelling this oil can trigger satiety reaction in the brain.

10. Clementine

Inhaling the smell of citrus aroma can balance cholesterol and blood sugar levels and stop emotional eating.

11. Rosemary

When you feel a craving coming on, simply sniff rosemary – it will suppress the desire to eat.

12. Cinnamon

This spice prevents cravings and balances blood sugar levels.

13. Ginger

Ginger doesn’t allow storage of body fat.

14. Fennel

Inhalation of fennel aroma results in fewer calories consumed and improved digestion, according to animal research.

15. Juniper berry

Supports the shedding of extra weight by optimizing detoxification pathways.

16. Lemongrass

The fresh scent combats lack of energy and mental fatigue.

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