Simple natural remedies that will make dandruff go away

Dandruff is a common condition which is not contagious nor serious but it can be embarrassing and uncomfortable. Beauty product like shampoos and steroids can be helpful but those that are effective are usually not accessible to everyone because they are very expensive.

Luckily, there are natural ways to treat this condition.

What is dandruff and what causes it?

Firstly, for you to understand how these natural remedies work, you need to know what causes dandruff. Research shows that almost 50 percent of the population has this condition and it is a result of food choices, genetics and environmental exposure.

Dry skin along with overgrowth of fungus Malassezia on the scalp is what causes shedding of the skin flakes also known as dandruff. Moreover, it is bealived that stopping the fungus will solve the problem, but this is not always the case.

Most commercial shampoos used to fight dandruff are made of strong chemicals and are not safe to use excessively. Therefor, we present you with some natural remedies that work well and are not as dangerous.

How to get rid of dandruff

Using these natural remedies regularly for a longer period is the key to successfully destroy dandruff. In most cases the best improvements have been witnessed after the third month of regular use.


A study conducted in Hungry showed that probiotics reduced the overall appearance of dandruff by 57 percent. The probiotics reduced scalp itching and greasiness and as the Malassezia counts declined so did the irritation and redness.

How to use probiotics to treat dandruff

Fermented vegetables, water and milk kefir, kombucha and yogurt are all good sources of probiotics. Taking probiotic supplements along with these fermented and probiotic rich foods can also be helpful.

Raw apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is one of the natural remedies that has many uses and it is often reffered to as the magical cure-all. Although it cannot cure everything, ACV is one of the most effective remedies. It contains malic acid which helps naturally slough off excess skin cells while its PH helps to close the hair cuticles on the scalp. On the other hand, vinegar deals with the yeast and bacteria that cause dandruff.

How to use ACV to treat dandruff

Vinegar can be harsh on your scalp and because we do not want any negative effects it should be diluted first.

  • Mix 1part apple cider vinegar and 1part water and use it to rinse your hair.
  • Leave it on for 1 or 2 hours then wash it off or do not wash it off at all (personal choice)

Herbal infused apple cider vinegar

If you want to make this mixture stronger, infuse the vinegar with antimicrobial herbs like oregano, rosemary or Pau d’ Arco.

  • Infuse the vinegar by adding ¼ cup herb of your choice in a pint-sized glass jar and fill the rest with vinegar
  • Store it in a cool place where it won’t be exposed to sunlight and shake it every day for 2-4 weeks
  • Take out the herbs and dilute with water before using it

Essential oils

Essential oils are a standard ingredient in many natural recipes and this is not an exception.

Frankincense essential oil

Studies have shown frankincense oil has a strong antimicrobial effect and it also has a soothing and calming effect which makes it perfect for an irritated scalp.

Tea tree essential oil

This oil is commonly used to treat skin and scalp conditions owing to its anti- fungal and cleansing abilities. A study in 2011 proved that tea tree oil is effective in destroying all the Malassezia species that cause dandruff. Research has estimated that about 6 drops of tea tree oil to ½ cup carrier oil will do the trick.

How to use essential oils to treat dandruff

As essential oils are highly concentrated they must be diluted before use. There are various options and ways to incorporate them in dandruff remedies, but we are only going to mention a few.

  • Add grapeseed oil, sweet almond oil or any other essential oil of your choice to a carrier oil and apply it to your scalp. Part the hair and apply the oil then repeat the same ½ inch away and resume until you’ve covered the entire scalp
  • Take some raw honey and add essential oil of your choice to it, then stir until it is well combined. Next dilute with warm water and use it as a hair rinse.
  • Add a few drops of essential oil to your shampoo or conditioner and keep it on for 5 minutes then wash it off.

Raw honey

Honey has long been used as part of traditional medicine and in this specific case it is perfect because it can help prevent pathogen infections and affects the microbes that cause dandruff.

How to use raw honey to treat dandruff

As we all know honey is both sticky and thick therefor it must be diluted before we use it.

  • Mix 1-2 tbs of honey with 2/3 cup of warm water and stir well to dissolve.

Use your fingers to spread it trough the hair and over the scalp and rinse well.



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