The Benefits of Being Alcohol-Free for 28 days !

Moderate drinking is considered necessary by many and it is even encouraged by doctors and medical professionals.

It is totally acceptable to treat yourself to a glass of wine after a hard and busy day or enjoy a glass or two after a delicious meal. Just go to the nearest bar or pub on a Saturday night and you will witness a great number of people drinking alcohol and having a good time.

This is because we associate drinking with celebration and most of us look forward to the weekend mostly because we get to meet up with friends and relax or party (which without saying includes drinking alcohol).

Watching the game with your buddies and having a couple of beers is another activity that involves alcohol and by most men it is described as the perfect evening or afternoon.

Clearly, we can see that drinking alcohol almost comes naturally to both younger and older generations and we assume that it does no harm to our body because it is part of our lifestyle and our body is used to it.

However, studies have shown that alcohol must be cut out from our diets because it may lead to health problems as diabetes, high blood pressure or even heart disease.

Sadly, giving up alcohol is not easy, and many people struggle and face difficulties even when they are aware of its negative effects.

Thus, we present you with the changes and benefits that a 28-day alcohol abstinence can bring you.

Week 1

As same as with other bad habits the first week is the hardest. Anyone who has gone trough this process will confirm this without a doubt. Don’t be surprised if you have more appetite than usual, this is quite normal. Due to your body being used to getting more calories from the alcohol, now that haven’t had your dose your body will want food as a replacement.

It is well known that alcohol numbs your emotions and makes it easier to cope with problems but since you are not drinking you may experience anxiety or depression. It is also common to experience unpleasant feeling as more intense, but you must not give in to the urge for having a drink.

By now you’ve surely concluded that this will not be a pleasant experience and another thing that you may lack trough this process is sleep. But fear not, having trouble sleeping is just a symptom of your first weeks struggle afterwards you will definitely have no such troubles and you may find your sleeping easier and more pleasant.

Changes in blood sugar and blood pressure may result as headaches therefore we advise you to stay hydrated and eat lots of healthy foods as fruits and vegetables.

Week 2

Within the second week your liver will start to repair itself. One of the most negative effects of alcohol is that it makes it harder for your liver to function and do its job properly. However, now that your liver has begun its recovery process the cells start to repair themselves and this organ can preform its function better.

The reason alcoholics and people who regularly drink alcohol look pale and have lifeless skin is because alcohol dries out the body. Alcohol also causes circulation problems however abstaining will give its life back by restoring your skin’s color and therefore making it look healthier.

Week 3

Another negative effect of alcohol is swelling and this most visible on the face. Luckily in week three owing to the rebalance of blood sugar better hydration the swelling will reduce.

This is the week when you start to enjoy the benefits of being alcohol-free. For instance, your sleeping problems, which are a result of high insulin levels caused by alcohol, will be a problem of the past.

Studies have found that heavy drinking can be the cause for impairment taste buds and by giving up this bad habit the taste receptors will start to send information to your brain about the food you eat.

Week 4

You may lose some pounds due to not consuming as much calories as you used to when you were drinking alcohol.

Finally, you will have a clearer mind and better judgment. This is because alcohol clouds your mind in a way and causes you to lose focus and lowers concentration. Being alcohol free will certainly increase your attention span and overall better your life and health.

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