This woman drank 3 liters of waters a day and got rid of poor digestion and headaches!

Sara is a woman who suffered from poor digestion and headaches for years. A nutritionist advised her to drink three liter of water a day to improve body function. She usually started her day with a cup of tea, but after consulting with a doctor, she decided to give it a try- she drank water with dinner and lunch- one liter a day.

According to research, every fifth woman doesn’t drink enough water. Knowing this, Sara introduced the recommended amount to see what will happen. She described what happened to her to the Daily Mail:

At first, she wanted to know if a sudden increase in water intake can have any negative consequences. After the practitioner encouraged her to 3 liters of water every day, she had no doubts.

“The kidneys filter wastes from the blood before turning them into urine” – said the doctor.

She was photographed every day during the experiment. She admits she looked like a 52-year old woman at the beginning – 10 more than her actual age. The dark circles around her eyes made her look exhausted and the red spots and prominent wrinkles didn’t help either.

Water is essential – every function in the body depends on it. It transfers nutrients to cells, flushes toxins from vital organs, and ensures a damp environment for the nose, throat, and ears.

The body gets weak unless it gets the needed amount of water. Thus, Sara decided to drink 3 liters a day for 28 days and was amazed by the results.
She hadn’t experienced any headaches after the second week and she noticed her digestion was boosted. Her face completely changed after the 4th week. The redness and the dark circles were gone and her skin has become smoother than ever.

Sara recommends trying it – after consulting a doctor, of course!

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