Top 6 chair exercises for a flat stomach and the perfect waistline

Losing the love handles is a challenging task as the fat around the stomach is the most stubborn of them all. The perfectly flat stomach and the desired tiny waistline seem like a far-fetched dream and that’s probably our fault. The sedentary lifestyle has become something that is considered normal nowadays as we sit on our way to work in the bus, sit in front of our computers at home, and sit in the office. Our schedules are too busy to fit in gym sessions, but that doesn’t mean we can’t exercise in the comfort of our homes.

Most people may think that exercising at home is inefficient and simply a waste of time. The thing is, usually when people work out at home they tend to not put the same amount of effort that they should as time passes. Thus, it is quite important to be well-organized and persistent in order to get the desired results, because home session can be as efficient as gym sessions.

All you have to do is spare a little time to find exercises that best suit your schedule and trigger the fat-burning process as well. You may find it surprising, but your favorite chair can help you shed the extra pounds more than you know.

Losing weight, especially the fat accumulated around the stomach, is a difficult process. But, that doesn’t mean that you should simply give up. Remember, it’s important do do the exercises regularly and have a healthy diet.

#1. Double Knee Lift

#2. Knee Pull Ins

#3. Oblique Pull Up

#4. Pull Up

#5. One Leg Chair Squat

#6.Push up

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