What are the 10 leading causes of obesity and weight gain?!?

Obesity is considered to be one of the largest health problems in the world and it’s associated with several conditions causing further complications. These include elevated blood sugar, high blood pressure, and a poor blood lipid profile. These people are at a higher risk of type 2 diabetes and heart disease compared to others.

These are the 10 major causes of weight gain:

1. Gеnеtics

Unfortunately, genetics play a great role when it comes to obesity. Children of obese parents are more likely to become obese themselves. However, this doesn’t mean it’s predetermined as what you eat has a great effect as well.

Studies have shown that non-industrialized societies can quickly become obese by starting a typical Western diet. In this case, the genes didn’t change but rather the environment. Simply put, genes can affect a person’s susceptibility to weight gain, but there are other factors that are in play as well.

2. Enginееrеd Junk Fооds

Processed foods are designed to be last longing, cheap, and to taste incredibly well. This makes them hard to resist and that’s how manufacturers are increasing their sales. On the down side, they also promote overeating as well as most of these foods make you eat more and offer little in terms of nutrition.

3. Fооd Addictiоn

High-fat junk foods are often compared to cannabis, alcohol, and drugs for a good reason. In certain individuals they can cause addiction thanks to ingredients that stimulate the reward center in the brain. Similar to people struggling with alcohol addiction, they lose control over their eating behavior.

4. Aggrеssivе Mаrkеting

Generally speaking, junk food producers tend to be quite aggressive marketers. They promote unhealthy products as healthy and their tactics can get unethical at times. What’s worse, some even make misleading claims and most of what they advertise is targeted at children.


A very important hormone that regulates energy storage, the insulin, simply put, tells fat cells to store fat and hold on it. The insulin’s role in obesity is considered controversial, however, some studies show that high levels of insulin are one of the causes of weight gain.

6. Cеrtаin Mеdicаtiоns

Pharmaceutical drugs can cause weight gain like antidepressants, diabetes medication and anti psychotics.

7. Lеptin Rеsistаncе

Leptin is another hormone that is connected to the fat cells in the body as leptin leves as quite high in obese people. Simply put, when this hormone is working properly it tells your body how high your fat store are. For some reason, in many obese people this hormone cannot cross the blood-brain barrier,  thus, causing hunger.

8. Fооd Avаilаbility

The availability of different types of foods has dramatically increased in the past few centuries. Even though it’s a good thing it also means that junk food is everywhere. What’s even worse is that junk food is usually cheap and many don’t have the option of purchasing fresh fruits and vegetables due to their low income.

9. Sugаr

When in comes to modern diets, added sugar is probably the one thing that makes it worse than ever. Sugar easily changes the biochemistry of the body when consumed in excess.

10. Misinfоrmаtiоn

People get misinformed about nutrition and health all the time. Oversimplifying,  misinterpreting the results of scientific studies and outdated information are usually the reasons behind it.

People who are concerned about their waistlines should try to change their lifestyles and learn how their body works. Losing weight is closely linked to willpower unless there is a medical condition in the way. Drastic changes in your lifestyle are difficult and require a lot of time and hard work, however, they do work in the long run.

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